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Making decisions under stress is never a good idea. And this is just what could happen when you have sustained a loss to your Philadelphia home or business. Don’t contact the insurance company right after you suffer damage to your property. Call Zenith Public Adjusters. Our company offers you an important advantage: we can put together all of the documentation for your claim. We offer experience that focuses on your needs during the entire claims process.
Remember: Your insurance company is looking out for its best interests, not yours. Let Zenith Public Adjusters work with you from start to finish to give you the best opportunity for a just settlement of your claim.

Zenith Public Adjusters will:
  • Provides immediate direction as to what to do and what happens next.
  • Provides immediate claims handling assistance to the insured.
  • Helps the policyholder fulfill all obligations placed upon them by the insurance policy conditions entitled, “Duties in the Event of Loss”.
  • Provides direction concerning reasonable and necessary mitigation efforts.
  • Provides direction to preserve evidence of the loss. Photos at the scene to capture much of the damage moments after the loss.
  • Suggests the preservation of valuables that are in the structure.
  • Prevents the wasteful spending of unreasonable mitigation money.
  • Provides direction as to new temporary living arrangements.
  • Advises against the premature hiring of contractors until damages, job specifications, and cost of the job, are known, agreed to, and paid for by the carrier.

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Benefits of a Public Adjuster

• Time Savings: Many homeowners and business people have more important priorities than to deal with the incessant demands for information and documents from the insurance company. A public adjuster will organize and manage your claim and help minimize the time you need to spend dealing with all the claim issues.

• Claims Expertise: Insurance policies can be complex documents and can easily be misinterpreted. Having someone on your side that is familiar with both the language of the insurance policy and how those policies are enforced can mean a great deal to how your claim gets settled. It also helps to have an expert guiding you regarding the proper procedures for repairs and documenting expenses in case a claims denial occurs. Tutwiler & Associates has access to a group of veteran experts and engineers that can be called on if they are needed to substantiate any part of your claim.

• Proper Resolution of Your Claim: Understanding how to organize your claim, process the paperwork that is needed, as well as the proper language to use when communicating with your insurance carrier can help avoid repeated requests for additional information, expedite the claims process and get your repairs underway more efficiently.

• Protect Your Rights as a Policyholder: Having an expert public adjuster who understands the insurance company’s expectations, when documenting and valuing your claim gives you an advantage if your claim is denied. It also gives you a third party resource who can act as a witness in case more aggressive action is required to obtain a just recovery.

• Ensure Fair Value for Your Claim: A recent OPAGGA (Office of Program and Policy Analysis & Government Accountability) study in the State of Florida showed that public adjusters negotiate up to a 747% larger insurance company settlement for commercial business and homeowner insurance property loss claims than the insurance company was planning to pay out. This is especially true during a catastrophic situation when insurance carriers try to process large amounts of claims. 

Guiding Principles

• As the work of adjusting insurance claims engages the public trust, our claims adjusters will put the duty of fair and honest treatment of the policyholder above the adjuster's own interest in every instance.

• Our public adjusters shall not undertake the adjustment of any claim which the adjuster is not currently competent and knowledgeable about the terms and conditions of the insurance coverage, or which otherwise exceeds the adjuster's current expertise.

• Our claim adjusters shall handle each and every adjustment and settlement with honesty and integrity and allow a fair adjustment or settlement to all parties without any enumeration to himself except that to which he is legally entitled.

• Each public adjuster upon undertaking the handling of a claim shall act with dispatch and due diligence in achieving a proper disposition thereof.

• Each public adjuster shall exercise extraordinary care when dealing with elderly clients, to be sure that they are not disadvantaged in their claim transactions by failing memory or impaired cognitive process.

• As public adjusters, we shall not prevent or attempt to dissuade a claimant from speaking privately with the insurance company, their adjusters, attorney, or any other person regarding the settlement of their claim.

• We pledge to steadfastly avoid any false or misleading representation of our services or claims filed on behalf of our client.

• We are committed to our obligation in providing the best possible service to all of our clients. We value our place in the community and recognize our responsibility as local business people.

• We support the aims and objectives of National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters and participate in efforts towards the advance of our industry through its programs, services and education.

• Our firm subscribes to and supports the Ethical Requirements for Public Adjusters as outlined in Florida Statutes 626.954 and the Code of Ethics as outlined in the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters Rules of Professional Conduct and Ethics.